Fume Arms


Source extraction ensures that the

welder is protected as the welding

fumes do not get a chance to reach

the breathing zone of the welder.

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Portable Weld Fume Collectors


The MobilePro is a welding fume extractor for professional welders that need a flexible solution. Plymovent’s mobile filter units are designed to remove

welding fumes on-site in confined spaces and spaces that are difficult to reach by fixed welding fume extraction systems.

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Push/Pull Weld Fume Collection


 Installing a Push-Pull system in your facility not only creates a cleaner, safer work environment, but also provides cost savings. As it is a modular system, the entire facility does not need to be changed; specific work zones can be designated for new ventilation. 

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Downdraft Tables


Powder coated steel 2 stage fitration Casters 100% downdraft Standard back panel and side panels 1.5HP Motor Reverse jet pulse cleaning Work Light Tabletop accepts 5/8” jig fitures Fully grated top Diffrential pressure gauge Opptional HEPA fiter

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Wall Mount Weld Fume Collector


 The WallPro welding fume extractor with automatic filter cleaning system is designed with the professional welder in mind. It is suitable for a wide range of welding fume and other dust applications. 

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Ambient Air Cleaners


The Air King M-30 series are extremely versatile and can be used individually in smaller spaces or in multiples for larger areas to establish positive airflow patterns that will enhance the effectiveness of the units. 

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Plymovent Weld Fume Collection

 The WallPro enables dust-free maintenance to minimize exposure during the most common service activities. Due to the shut-off valve between the filter and the dustbin, the dustbin can be emptied during operation. The filter can be replaced dust-free with the bag-in/bag-out system. But you don’t have to worry about this too often, as this unit has a long service interval. 

Plymovenf Weld Fume Extraction Arm Placement

Plymovent  extraction arms enable you to capture fumes at source. We offer a wide range of extraction arms with metal tubes, plastic tubes and hose tubes. The extraction arms are available in various working reaches and can be used on extension booms if extra reach is needed or mounted on rails for virtually unlimited reach.