Introducing The New Absolent A•10

A newly developed fiter unit built for tough machines running high pressure coolants with high spindle speeds. Perfectly adapted to fulfil the requirements of clean process air in the modern industry of today. 

Guaranteed Filter Life 8,760 Hours Of Operation

Absolent Mist & Smoke Collectors

Absolent A•Mist Collectors


If you have CNC machines, running at a moderate speed and with a moderate coolant pressure,  your machines will start to leak oil mist into the factory. The oil mist consists of  particles of moderate size and the fog is moderately thick. It irritates your lungs, but also your wallet. Invest in an A•mist filter and the problems disappear at a low cost!

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Absolent A•Line


With A•line, you get a versatile filter that is adaptable to your needs. A unique filter which is equally suitable for small tough machines, as it is for machines that generate a moderate amount of oil mist into the factory. With A•line, you’re equipped for the future. Even if you change the coolant, cutting speed or coolant pressure in the machine, A•line handles the task. 

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Absolent A•Smoke Collectors


If you run your CNC machines at high speed and with a high coolant pressure, or if you’re working with die casting or hardening, the machines will start to “smoke”.  This oil smoke consists of tiny particles and the smoke is thick. The particles penetrate everything and can even reach your bloodstream! The same problem often arises during minimal quantity lubrication (MQL). 

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How It Works


Oil mist and oil smoke are found in various application processes. Most often the pollution doesn’t consist only of one or the other. It is usually a combination, but we call it oil mist when the majority of the droplets are larger and oil smoke when they are smaller. Does it sound complicated? Let us explain.

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Which Do You Have Mist Or Smoke?


To give a direct answer is not easy, but generally high fluid pressures (> 30 Bar) or high spindle speed (>10’000 rpm) will demand a process filter suitable for oil smoke. At these conditions neat oil is usually used.  Not only are the oil smoke particles much smaller than the oil mist particles, they are often many more if you count them.

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Project Analysis


If you have an issue with process air ventilation and contact Absolent the first thing we do is make a project analysis. Our goal is always to provide the customer with the functionality that was asked for while at the same time improving the work environment in the facility.

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Absolent Filter Life Guarantee


The proposed solution shall be maintenance free for a minimum of 8760 manufacturing hours, 1 year of 24/7 operation. This is for all Absolent filtration equipment after tested and approved by IAS. This means that Absolent customers will not be required to provide maintenance to the fiber beds or the final HEPA filter for 8760 manufacturing hours or the cost is covered 100% by Absolent during this period. Absolent will guarantee the proposed solution will not to exceed 0.5 mg/m3 exhausted from the mist collector during the warranty period of 8760 manufacturing hours. Proper filter selection, duct design, operation, start-up, routine monitoring is necessary for filter guarantee to apply and to ensure optimum filter life. If equipment is moved, the process changes, or if mist collector is misapplied, then guarantee will not apply. On and above our filter guarantee and as evidence of our commitment to provide high quality mist collecting equipment, all Absolent equipment carries a one-year mechanical warranty against manufacturer’s defects in parts & workmanship. The warranty and performance guarantees apply after tested and approved by an IAS representative.