Fume Arms


Specifially designed for working environments. The self-supporting design, steel outer tubes, cast aluminum joints and external grab handles make the arm user friendly and durable for even the most demanding working environments.

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Portable Fume Collectors


Designed for use within various welding, fume, dust and smoke work environments and applications. The portable units provide point of origin extraction for everyday usage and in work environments that are constantly changing. All portable units come complete with fiters and push button start/stop.

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Work Stations


Constructed of heavy steel panels and supports; it is designed to handle the toughest of environments. Available with many options including work shelves, lighting and fume arms.

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Downdraft Tables


Powder coated steel 2 stage fitration Casters 100% downdraft Standard back panel and side panels 1.5HP Motor Reverse jet pulse cleaning Work Light Tabletop accepts 5/8” jig fitures Fully grated top Diffrential pressure gauge Opptional HEPA fiter

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Welding Booth


Ideal for use as a stand alone welding booth or in a series; easily integrated with a complete central ventilation and extraction system. Available in both singular and dual booth construction

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Ambient Air Cleaners


The Air King M-30 series are extremely versatile and can be used individually in smaller spaces or in multiples for larger areas to establish positive airflow patterns that will enhance the effectiveness of the units. 

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WB-4000 Dual Welding Booth

The WB-4000 comes standard with a fully engineered welding booth and self-cleaning reverse jet pulse cartridge collector. Electrical and gas lines are built into the adjustable back draft hood. Units can be mounted side to side or back to back.